4K Ultra HD: The resolution of 8 million pixels, high image contrast, tiny detail visible, color saturation and convincing visual experience create a more intimate talent for the relationship with the audience. From the content generation, passing through the image processing, until delivering real 4K on the Video Projectors or LED Panels.

LED: The LED Panel allows that the creativity breaks the mold when it comes to projecting events. You can choose a perfect resolution, the shape, size and configuration for your application.

Vídeo Mapping :Mapping is an illusion that transforms the reality, using the depth, dimension and movement to dramatically increase any experience.

Projection: Go little or go home. If the sky is not the limit, or you need to project it for a few people, use the same quality and technology of the bigger events.

Super Widescreen: Go big or go home. Why to bring together the content on a typical size screen when you can replace it? The sky, or at least the site, is the limit with the Super Widescreen.

Curved / Spherical Screen: The geometric correction allows to project on curved/spherical surfaces with perfection, without distortions on the splices, allowing for a uniform image, extremely realistic and involving.

Media Servers: The servers allow for the video, audio and lighting synchronization on several screens, automated display systems, providing a level of interactivity and content control unobtainable by standard graphic systems.

Pre-Viewing (WYSIWYG): CAD Drawings, 2D or 3D rendering and dimensional mockups are used to view what an event will look like, really before it actually takes shape in the real world. Besides the viewing, it allows the programming of all the event, with real scale and time videos on the LED panels or screens. WYSIWYG – “What You See Is What You Get”.

Communication: The wireless intercommunication systems provide the convenience of a non-connected communication for mobile users, while they provide energy, flexibility and audio quality such as in the wireless systems. The wireless system connects perfectly to the wired system, expanding the communication possibilities.